Mexico DF Political History

catedral empedradillo mexico city 1900

An autocratic government had ruled Mexico City since the 1910–1920 Mexican Revolution. The people of the city supported them mostly because of the continued economic expansion since World War II and the visible growth of wealth and prosperity. Even though the government could not handle the population and pollution problems adequately, Mexicans considered the expansion and cities general outlook enough to keep them in power. Nonetheless, discontent and protests began in the 1960s leading to the massacre of protesting students in Tlatelolco which led to gradual disconnect with voters.

Tlatelolco Massacre Mexico 1968

3 short years later, a manifestation in the Maestros avenue, organized by former members of the 1968 student movement, was brutally repressed by a paramilitary group called “Los Halcones”, composed of gang members and teenagers from many sports clubs who received training in the U.S.

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